, An Exclusive Interview with the CEO of Mimo, Platform of the First Euro Stable Token PAR

Mimo not too long ago burst on the stablecoin scene, offering a Euro different to the USD-pegged stablecoins equivalent to USDT, USDC and heaps more. We communicate to the man in the attend of the scenes, main this label. Each he and his crew bear decided to live a mystery for the time being… unless the upcoming legitimate beginning of Mimo in March, which interestingly will be a rousing affair.

Please tell us comparatively more about your self.

I’m main Mimo to turn out to be the safest come to include cryptocurrency.

Basically the simplest come to say myself is that I’m a privacy nerd, an possession advocate, someone who will strive towards for parents to web them the upright to possess their money in their very possess fingers.

I’m a application engineer who has spent about a decade building systems and corporations to lift about a fairer world the use of crypto and other tech I’m aware of. I’m a believer in teaching over ruling, empowering over limiting, and distributing over centralizing. I know my model of profile is terribly frequent in our region, and that’s why I’m here as of late.

Show us more about the Mimo platform and Euro-pegged PAR offering.

Mimo is a high quality, straightforward, and life like come to borrow. Our model is easy, we consider the truth that other folks might perchance perchance perchance favor liquidity however pause not essentially are desirous to separate themselves from their laborious earned crypto sources. T

To make a decision away themselves from publicity, on this DeFi world, might perchance perchance perchance mean shedding access to slightly about a doable. Hence, Mimo permits crypto customers to support their publicity whereas getting access to a precise token algorithmically stabilized to the Euro: the Parallel token, PAR.

The theory that is easy – visit our site, deposit your volatile crypto sources in a digital vault, and borrow PAR towards what you’ve put in the vault, which then becomes a collateral.

What are the advantages when in comparison with archaic money markets?

Mimo is sooner and fairer than the archaic imaginable selections.

Borrowing at a bank on the total requires collateral (your condo or your future profits?), and verifying the liquidity and validity of this collateral is a lengthy and on the total discriminatory course of.

Borrowing on-chain is fairer since it is open to all individuals, however in most cases most attention-grabbing in sources pegged to USD, and never always high quality towards about a attacks. A frequent example is the bank plug agonize. To turn out to be viable, lending platforms are inclined to lend your collateral. This sounds advantageous unless adequate other folks favor out at the the same time, which is able to happen on this unpredictable native weather. Mimo is high quality towards bank runs.

One other agonize is a pricing arbitrage agonize. Quite loads of platforms web the worth of their collaterals in ways in which is also exploited, permitting attackers to liquidate legitimate customers. By the use of essentially the most attention-grabbing label feeds currently on hand on-line, Mimo goals to diminish this possibility to the minimal imaginable.

What other opportunities are there for merchants on the platform?

Mimo just will not be elevating funds by merchants, so there genuinely just will not be powerful of an opportunity to make investments from a monetary standpoint.

We have invested slightly about a time and effort in making this platform stable, and we hope this brings an opportunity for all individuals.

Are you able to tell us about the MiMo/PAR’s smartly excellent and safety features?

The usage of Mimo is high quality. We have long past by a security audit, and are going by one other one as we communicate. Every single change to the platform will struggle by audits with essentially the most gracious corporations on the market. We’re working with Quantstamp and their voice is on hand on our site.

What’s the fresh market dimension of the stablecoin markets and what can we ask in 2021 (and past)?

The quiz for upright precise coins is rising.

We are able to also specialise in the quantitative evaluation of stablecoins however there’s a more attention-grabbing story here. There might perchance be currently about $44B in greenback precise coins in conserving with CoinGecko, representing a each day volume of about $114B. These numbers are extensive and rising fleet, however what genuinely matters is the high quality of the sources.

Customers are realizing an increasing selection of that not all precise tokens are made equal, and the growth of favorable high quality centralized tokens love USDC and decentralized ones love DAI is showing where the region goes.

Any thrilling upcoming news you’d love to share about MiMo?

Mimo is doing an airdrop!

We’re elevating the consciousness of our protocol in normal crypto vogue, we’re going to pause the archaic airdrop. Extra recordsdata on our Twitter and Telegram 🙂


Kind Free PAR Tokens by taking fragment in our Airdrop marketing campaign, and because our community comes first, we are taking care of the transaction fees! Honest follow the steps and possess the linked set apart beneath.

1 – Be aware @mimodefi https://twitter.com/mimodefi

2 – Join our Telegram https://t.me/mimodefi

3 – Retweet our airdrop tweet and label 3 chums

4 – Fragment the retweet hyperlink and your Telegram myth on this set apart beneath


The different thrilling news is that we’ve staunch had 2.5 Million Euro already locked in the Mimo vault!

For more little print on Mimo and the PAR token, visit https://mimo.capital

MiMo Legit Channels:

Telegram: https://t.me/mimodefi

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mimodefi/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mimodefi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mimo_defi/

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/mimodefi

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