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Is TREZOR Safe? – What You Should Know Before Storing Crypto Here

By Mr Hodl / March 30, 2018

One important thing to ask yourself before buying a TREZOR hardware wallet is whether or not it is going to be a safe choice. You hear all these horror stories about people losing their cryptocurrency funds or having them stolen and the last thing that you want to happen is for you to become one of […]


Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet Review – Is Jaxx Wallet Safe?

By Mr Hodl / March 21, 2018

The Jaxx cryptocurrency wallet is one of the most popular out there and for good reason… it is easy to use and has many nice features. But should you be using this wallet? Is Jaxx wallet safe for you to store your crypto funds? What all can you do with the wallet? These are all […]


MyEtherWallet vs Jaxx – Which Is Better For You?

By Mr Hodl / March 20, 2018

MyEtherWallet and Jaxx are both cryptocurrency wallets that can be used for much of the same things, however there is a lot that is different between the two which make them good for different things. In this article I will be comparing MyEtherWallet vs Jaxx. I’ll be giving an overview of the two wallets, the features […]


Airbitz Review – Ease of Use, Safety, Complaints and More…

By Mr Hodl / March 16, 2018

Airbitz is an easy-to-use mobile Bitcoin wallet that provides some pretty good security considering how easy it is to use. But how good is this wallet really and is it safe? In this Airbitz review I’ll be going over more about what it is, taking a look inside the mobile wallet, going over the security it […]


Is KeepKey Safe? – Read Review Before Buying

By Mr Hodl / March 12, 2018

KeepKey is a crytocurrency hardware wallet that you can use to keep your Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc safe from hackers and thieves. But how well does it actually do what it is intended to do? It is one of the sleekest and nicest looking hardware wallets on the market but is KeepKey safe? Or does this hardware […]


Coinbase Vault Review – How Good Is It Really?

By Mr Hodl / March 6, 2018

If you are a Coinbase user or are looking to use Coinbase and want to store your cryptocurrency on the exchange then the vault service that they offer may be a good choice for you. But what is the vault and is it worth using? In this Coinbase vault review I’ll be going over what […]


Is MyEtherWallet a Scam? – Users Beware!

By Mr Hodl / February 22, 2018

There are a lot of MyEtherWallet scams out there but is MyEtherWallet a scam itself? The answer is no. I know this might sound a bit confusing at first but you will see what I mean. I’m guessing that you saw something about someone getting scammed by “MyEtherWallet” and losing a bunch of Ethereum. There are plenty […]


TREZOR Scam – Buyers Beware!

By Mr Hodl / February 14, 2018

If you are looking for a safe way to store your cyptocurrency then getting yourself a nice hardware wallet is the best choice for most people. Why? Well because not only do hardware wallets (not all of them) do a great job at securing your cryptocurrency but they also are much more convenient than.. say… […]