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Coinbase Pro Review – What You Should Know

By Mr Hodl / May 31, 2018

Welcome to my Coinbase Pro review. In this review I will be going over everything that you need to know before deciding whether or not to use this cryptocurrency exchange. I will be giving a brief tour inside the exchange, giving details about trading, withdrawals/deposits, going over the fees, security, support, and more. And if […]


Is Indacoin a Scam? – Read Before Using

By Mr Hodl / May 2, 2018

Indacoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to purchase various cryptocurrencies with Visa and MasterCard. But is this exchange worth your time and money? Or is Indacoin a scam that is just going to rip you off in one way or another? I have been seeing this question asked a lot lately so I’m […]


Is Gemini Better Than Coinbase

By Mr Hodl / April 20, 2018

Is Gemini better than Coinbase? Maybe you are new to cryptocurrency and looking to make a purchase for the first time or maybe you are a Coinbase user looking for a better exchange, and thinking that Gemini is it. No matter what the reason it doesn’t matter. I will be answering the question in this short post but what […]


Review of – Is Local Bitcoins Safe?

By Mr Hodl / April 13, 2018

LocalBitcoins, at,  is the first place I ever bought Bitcoins… back in 2015 I think it was or maybe late 2014. Back then there weren’t near as many options to buy bitcoin as their are today and this place seemed to be safe from what I could tell. But now it’s years later and I know […]


Is a Scam or a Good Crypto Exchange? – [Personal Review]

By Mr Hodl / April 11, 2018 is a cryptocurrency exchange that has gained a lot of popularity recently, and for good reason. But is this in exchange that you should consider using? Or is a scam that you should be avoiding? After all there is no need to get involved in this exchange. There are plenty of other known legitimate […]


Is GDAX Better Than Coinbase? – Most Of The Time… Yes

By Mr Hodl / April 2, 2018

Is GDAX better than Coinbase? This is one question that gets asked a lot and I’ll be answering it in this post. I wouldn’t say that either exchange is really better than the other, because it depends on your situation and what you are looking for. Personally I use GDAX instead of Coinbase because the fees that you […]


Is Coinbase a Ripoff? – What You Should Know and A Good Alternative

By Mr Hodl / March 29, 2018

So I’m guessing that you were looking to buy cryptocurrency through the popular exchange Coinbase but are wondering if it’s worth it. Should you use Coinbase? Or is Coinbase a ripoff that you should avoid. After all there are alternatives to Coinbase out there, which I will go over later on, so it’s not like you […]


Changelly vs Bittrex – Its Like Comparing Broccoli & Spinach

By Mr Hodl / March 7, 2018

Comparing Changelly vs Bittrex isn’t a straightforward comparison. I can’t give you a simple answer as to which is better because they are very different and are good for different things. Its like comparing broccoli to spinach (great comparison right?)… both are vegetables but what they provide for your body differs. Changelly and Bittrex are both cryptocurrency […]


Day Trading on Coinbase – Coinbase Is Good But NOT Good For This!

By Mr Hodl / March 7, 2018

If you are looking to start day trading on Coinbase then I’m guessing you are rather new to crytocurrency trading and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to start somewhere and after reading over what I have for you here today you are going to be able to start in a better spot. […]


Coinbase Review 2018 – Is Coinbase Any Good Or Should You Avoid It?

By Mr Hodl / March 5, 2018

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there but is it really an exchange worth using or would you be better off going elsewhere? Is Coinbase a scam? Is it safe? Who is it good for? What are some common complaints? There are all great questions that I get all the time about […]

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