, Guide to the Uniworld Ecosystem: Tech For a New Era of AI & Blockchain

Uniworld is an inclusive AI & Blockchain ecosystem with the vision to raise technologies closer to human’ life and elevate living requirements all over.

To prevent its desires, Uniworld presents snort of the art infrastructure and excessive-tech applications and alternatives, which are frequently researched, developed, and renovated by Unilab DAO Network.

The community is a world group primarily based in 2013 and is energetic across the sphere, with operations in Japan, Canada, Singapore, Hungary, Poland, and Vietnam.

For the time being, Uniworld’s significant snide is located in Singapore, with the factual trade registration license licensed by the island city’s authority. Singapore is a immense region for from now on or less blockchain pattern and presents a rich talent pool, as nicely as vivid traders.

To this level, Uniworld has been focusing on 2 necessary product layers:

  • The core merchandise of Uniwolrd includes two major formula, which are Unichain (an in-rental blockchain technology with the vitality to broadly lengthen the scope of blockchain exercise) and Unibot (an AI platform with deep self-studying ability).
  • As a result of the accomplishment of the above 2 core layers, Uniworld has studied and produced diverse helpful merchandise, one amongst which known as Unime. This product combines the nature of Unichain and Unibot. Particularly, Unime kinds a bridge that connects folks with a natty society.

More Enhancements from Uniworld are Coming

Within the very come future, Uni community is planning to bag funds from the blockchain community by issuing the coin Unicash (UNW) which is able to be worn for any transactions in its ecosystem.

To bag themselves stand apart in contrast to other products and services the exercise of tokens and offering whitepapers, Uniworld has achieved building a separate mainnet to nourish “their bear coin Unicash / UNW because the native cryptocurrency of UniWorld.io Ecosystem.”

More info about Uniworld ecosystem would perchance per chance even be discovered correct right here.

Finding out More About UniChain

UniChain is a totally different blockchain platform that applies essentially the latest technological technology of BC 4.0 in its facets, such as “TPS as a lot as thousands and thousands, inferior chain, multichain” with speed and effectivity.

For the time being, UniChain enables customers to diagram a UNI pockets to bag a reward of 5 UNW and expertise quick transactions. Transaction speeds on blockchain networks would perchance per chance even be slack, and quick transactions would be a colossal selling level for the platform.

UniChain’s specifications are spectacular – from the different of transactions per second (TPS), block time, affirmation time, and so forth.

Moreover, whereas most of crypto capital raisings are launched with tokens and never a mainnet, UniChain distinguishes itself for completing its bear mainnet in April 2020. The firm hopes it would empower its ability to create “overall instruments to diagram a token, side chain on the significant network”.

Within the occasion you would perchance per chance perchance esteem to affix an yarn correct now correct click on right here.

A Diminutive About Unibot

Unibot is an Synthetic Intelligence (AI) that helps natty net taking a behold by producing AI bots. Applications for Unibot shall be point out in both the industrial and domestic sectors.

Building Bridges With Unime

Unime is designed to be a bridge that brings humans to a world that has a natty society. Unime 1.0 without the presence of wallets and AI bots are now accessible for download from Google Play store, whereas a unique upgrade with the mix of crypto wallets and bots is projected to be launched by the stop of July of this year.

Equivalent to SIGNAL platform, Unime is designed for extremely secured calling and texting, with none worries of intervention from a third celebration. Unime’s platform, which is integrated with 3 other ones, is edifying of performing multiple responsibilities concurrently.

Unime would perchance per chance honest be a step forward in terms of making improvements to customers’ comfort and bringing unique technologies closer to valid life. It is miles generally a door that opens for impress unique traders to the crypto market. Uniworld has completed immense work in setting up an ecosystem, which covers nearly every part, from “exchanges, wallets, otc, dapp, pure blockchain…”

An Active Neighborhood

Since the community understands the public’s hunger for methods to bag admission to info, Uniworld has been setting up multiple comms channels, from its succesful net snort to stylish social networks, such as Telegram, Youtube, Twitter, and Github.

Uniworld also communicates its participants by recurrently updating scorching subject issues on bitcoin or its bear info page.

Customers would perchance per chance even half their ideas with the community by capability of support channels. Uniworld has a trade registration quantity Singapore, which helps to point out that it is actual about offering price and innovation.

Unicash and The Pre-Sale Birth

Unicash is coming quickly, and there are ways to take half within the pre-start and start of the token. Right here are some runt print in case you is perchance focused on getting a head start on the sale.

Specs and registration

Unicash (UNW) is the Uniworld’s bear coin that capabilities equally to other unique cryptocurrencies. The coin’s complete provide is unexpandable at 1 billion UNW.

Lawful now, all info linked to Unicash pre-sale, non-public sale, and public sale has been printed so that traders can take half if they believe to provide so.

Formally, UniChain platform is accountable of the preliminary circulation of Unicash, with the launched amount of 300 million UNW. The personal sale impress is $0.15 per unit, the allotted quantity is 5%, a lot like 5,000,000 UNW, and the unlocking rate is 17% monthly.

The pre-sale and public sale will receive a most volume of 12,200,000 UNW and 240,000,000 UNW respectively, equal to 1.22% and 24% of the total provide.

The unit impress within the pre-sale interval is roughly $0.24 and the unlocking rate is 17%/month, whereas the public sale is provided at $0.34/UNW and shall be unlocked at 50% a month.

Each dealer from in each put the sphere can start now by registering an yarn at:


Potentialities are you’ll per chance must diagram a unique UNI pockets, which operates within the identical draw as other blockchain platforms, such as blockchain.com or TRUST.

Unicash Pre-sale Necessary functions

Unicash tokens are being provided early at an very ideal searching rate. The pre-sale round is divided into 3 sessions, taking region on 28 July, 30 July, and 1 August.

The first investors are getting essentially the top impress, at $0.22/UNW on the first round, and rises as a lot as $0.24 and $0.26 per UNW for the following 2 rounds.

There is a clear amount being launched, which is able to be about 2 million UNW on the first pre-sale, with the quantity for the 2nd and third round rising to 4 million and 6 million UNW.

Around 40% of the Unicash is projected to be dispensed interior the Uniworld ecosystem, whereas 25% shall be spread thru the public sale. Utterly different proportions shall be allotted to the project crew (12%), for marketing (10%), R&D (8%), adviser (3%) and personal sale (2%).

Tricks on how to settle Unicash is by the exercise of the Binance coin (BNB). BNB is easy to settle on Binance or other exchanges that support the token.

Uniworld also presents an improbable referral program, which rewards a a success referrer with an additional 5% of UNW. There are 3 totally different rankings (VIP1, VIP2, VIP3) in an effort to reward folks for recommending the project to folks they know.

Learn extra concerning the pre-sale, or the friends program.

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