Is 99 Bitcoins a Scam? – Personal Review

If you are interested in the world of cryptocurrency and have performed searches online for information then you may have come across the website named 99 Bitcoins. You may be curious as to the legitimacy of this website. You may even be wondering… Is 99 Bitcoins a scam? And this is exactly what I’m going to be answering in this short review.

I will be going over what this website is, what it provides, who it’s for, why some people might call it a scam, and more.

What Is 99 Bitcoins?

99 Bitcoins is a website (at that provides information on pretty much anything that has to do with bitcoin. On this website you can find information about bitcoin exchanges (like GDAX & Bittrex), bitcoin wallets (like KeepKey & Trezor), news on bitcoin, and even a bunch of other information on other popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and the Litecoin, although bitcoin is the main focus.

This site was started back in 2013 and is claimed to be the biggest non-technical guide for bitcoin newbies. Is this statement really true? Well, who knows… It’s kind of hard to measure such a statement. But one thing I will say is that I like how the site provides non-technical information into the world of cryptocurrency.

For many the new technology that comes with cryptocurrency is very confusing and hard to understand. Sites like this are necessary for mainstream adoption and not only that but they are also nice because they save people a lot of headache and frustration trying to understand complicated technical mumbo-jumbo, which is basically what I try to do with my website here.

Why Some Might Call Them a Scam

The reason that some people might call this site a scam is because it makes money promoting cryptocurrency related products and services. When money comes into play like this the fear of corruption comes to mind. You are left wondering if they are perhaps publishing misleading and false information all for the purpose of making money promoting these products and services.

However, not all sites that promote products and make money doing so provide misleading or false information. This is in fact what I do with my site here. And I know that there are many sites out there that will leave a bad taste in your mouth because they come off overly “salesy” and push products on you too much, but not all sites are like this.

Just because 99 Bitcoins earns money promoting products on the site does not mean they are a scam.

My Take On Everything

From what I have seen with 99 Bitcoins there is nothing that leads me to believe that the site is a scam in any way. When I first got involved in the world of cryptocurrency I actually learned a lot from this site. I was reading posts on their back when it was just a small blog type site, way before I got to the size it is today.

From what I see the writers on this site are very fair with the information that they provide. When a product such as a hardware wallet or a service such as an exchange is not any good, or isn’t quite up to par, they tell you this. They don’t just tell you all the good stuff in leave out all the bad stuff for the sake of getting you to buy in.

For example: I was just reading their review of Coinbase and they hit the nail right on the head. They make it well-known that Coinbase has very high fees compared to other exchanges that are similar. Coinbase is a great don’t get me wrong, their platform is very well laid out and they are probably the most newbie friendly exchange out there… But there fees are high and 99 Bitcoins makes this known. They could make more money by saying only the good sides of Coinbase and earning $10 per referral, which is the referral bonus that Coinbase offers by the way, but they do not do this.

And this is just one of the many reviews that I have read on their site that shows their unbiased and fair approach.

So based on what I see 99 Bitcoins is a legitimate website that provides good and truthful information. And by the way I’m not getting paid to say any of this.

A Look at Their Free Bitcoin Course

99 Bitcoins offers a free seven day video course for newbies to learn more about bitcoin’s and cryptocurrency in general. I haven’t actually signed up for the course so I can give you any personal review of it but based on what it appears to be it seems like a decent course for complete newbies to first learn about bitcoin.

This course isn’t going to have any in depth, detailed, or technical jargon. It is made for the complete newbie for the most part. How it works is you will enter your email to sign up for the course and every day you will be provided with a informational video that has to do with bitcoin.

Like pretty much every other website newsletter out there you are probably going to also end up receiving emails from 99 Bitcoins after the course is over. So you may want to enter an email that you do not use for personal matters, but this is up to you.

Since the course is free you don’t have anything to lose but then this makes you wonder if they are going to be products being promoted throughout the course. And since I said I did not actually sign up and test out the course I cannot speak on this matter.

Conclusion on 99 Bitcoins

I am always open to a counter argument but in my opinion 99 Bitcoins is a good site. They tell you how things really are and don’t fluff everything up with magic fairytale information. But of course I would still suggest doing additional research and not using one single source such as 99 Bitcoins or any single website for that matter.

In closing, 99 Bitcoins is a good site for those interested in cryptocurrency but not interested in the technical side of it.

As always, please leave any of your questions and comments below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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