Is CCG Mining a Scam? – My Review

CCG Mining Review

I have been seeing a lot of people questioning the legitimacy of CCG Mining lately so that is what I want to address in this review. Is this place the real deal? Is it legitimate? Or is CCG Mining a scam that you should avoid?

These are important questions that need to be answered before you buy into any of it. There are so many scams out there in the realm of cryptocurrency that it can be difficult at times to see through all the BS and find what is real versus fake. And of course the fact that there have been a lot of cryptocurrency mining scams in particular means that you should proceed with caution when looking into any cryptocurrency mining program.

In this review I will be going over what CCG Mining is, how it works, the cost, a look at the team behind it, pyramid scheme concerns and more.

What Is CCG Mining?

CCG Mining is a cloud mining service that is headquartered in Poland but also has branches in four other countries throughout Eastern Europe. If you are familiar with HashFlare or Gemini mining then you probably already know what is going on here but for those who do not this is the service they provide in a nutshell:

Basically CCG Mining is a big mining operation that allows anyone to buy into it. Mining can be very costly if you’re looking to do it as an individual and unless you have the technical know-how it can be very complicated as well, which is why many people opt to buy into mining pools. What CCG Mining allows people to do is basically rent a share of their mining equipment. So what you would do is pay money to rent a certain amount of hashing power and you would earn from the mining proceeds made by that portion.

Anyway it’s kind of like investing in stocks that pay out dividends. You invest in the company which in turn helps that company develop and grow. And because you are invested you get paid a portion of their profits. It’s pretty much the same type of deal here.

A Look at The Costs

The costs will vary a lot depending on what type of cryptocurrency you are looking to mine and how much cash power you want to buy, or rather rent.

Currently as I’m writing this CCG Mining is involved in mining BTC, ETH, ZCash, Monero, Dash, LTC, and LBRY. If you go to BTC for example, you are able to choose from four different packages including…

  • Mini – $14.99 – 100GH/s
  • Starter – $49.99 – 400GH/s
  • Advanced – $418.99 – 3,500GH/s
  • Pro – $2,959.99 – 25,000GH/s

Of these prices will give you the specified amount of hashing power 24/7 for one year. In addition they also have “unlimited contract” options that you can choose.

Because mining differs a good bit between the cryptocurrencies offered you will see large differences in the price and hashing powers associated with those prices.

By looking at the prices alone nothing seems to stand out as a red flag that would signal this is a scam. Prices are not overinflated and seemed to be in the normal range for this industry.

*They also sell mining rigs if you would want to set up your own mining rig on your own. These can get very expensive and are only for people who are very serious about this.

The Team Behind It All

One thing that you always want to look into when thinking about getting involved in something like this is the team behind it all. Of course you have to look at the people who created all. If it was created by a scammer then there is a good chance it might be a scam and you’d want to avoid something like this.

In CCG Mining’s case everything seems to check out. On their website they provide pictures of everyone on the team. They also provide links to their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles which is nice because you can get to know them a little better and see if they are people you can trust.

I did notice that some of the links to the team members’ Facebook profiles did not work but I am not too concerned about this. I was able to view their LinkedIn profiles and from what I can tell everything seems legitimate. Now I did not spend hours of time diving deep into the background of every person here but based on a bit of research on my part there is nothing concerning to see.

Any Pyramid Scheme Concerns?

One of the major concerns with cloud mining services like this is that they might possibly be pyramid schemes. There are a heck of a lot of pyramid schemes in the cloud mining space that claim to be providing profits from their mining operations but really they are just a big cycle of money changing hands where they pay off older investors from the investments of newcomers, and they really are not involved in mining at all.

Now CCG Mining does have an affiliate program where you can get paid to get other people to buy into this, but there is nothing wrong with this. Yes, every pyramid scheme out there will pay people to recruit others in and this may leave a bad taste in your mouth, but there are many legitimate companies that pay affiliate commissions as well.

CCG Mining is only paying 6% affiliate commissions anyhow, which really isn’t all that much. This is not like the bold claims you will see from pyramid schemes that will pay out large commissions multiple levels down.

Proof of Operations

Something that is very nice to see is that CCG shows proof of their operations. This is the type of thing that you will not see with scams and pretty much proves that they are not a scam.

Now of course everything could have been staged and it could be a very elaborate and well-funded scam, but I just do not see any reason to believe that it is.

Below is a video I came across, which is on their site, where they show you one of their largest mining operations…

Conclusion on CCG Mining – Legitimate

Everything about CCG checks off as being legitimate. Their website is well-made, they provide a fair amount of information about the company itself, they provide information on the individual team members, their affiliate program does not provide insanely high commissions, they provide proof of operations, and their prices are not over-inflated.

Of course I always suggest doing your own research but based on what I see this place is not a scam in any way.

That said, you should really think about what you’re getting into before purchasing a cloud mining contract. And I’m not talking about potential profits here… I’m talking about damage and destruction. I for one will not be getting involved in any mining because I find it to be one of the most absolutely ridiculously wasteful and harmful industries that exists. I already wrote a post about bitcoin mining and how stupid it is, but the same goes with all cryptocurrency mining. It wastes an insane amount of electricity and is just ludicrous to even think that a cryptocurrency that uses this sort of POW protocol can possibly become realistically usable.

So just think about what you’re getting into and the potential devastation and impact that this business could have. Think about something other than the money. If I wanted to make money I could promote the heck out of this CCG Mining opportunity but I am not because of the impact this kind of stuff has.

But anyway, leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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