, What CryptoWendy says of Bitcoin, Polkadot, and NFTs in 2021

You’ve presumably already heard of CryptoWendy when you’ve been following the dwelling since as a minimum 2017. She’s the intense-eyed, enthusiastic, continuously-smiling crypto educator and marketer known for her long-time buying and selling channel on YouTube.

Wendy—her first title—jumped into the Bitcoin and blockchain rabbit gap in 2017 after a seven-one year-stint at a healthcare firm. She switched beefy-time to the dwelling in 2018, initiating her hang firm to learn crypto and blockchain initiatives with their advertising and marketing and marketing, switch pattern, worth building, media choices, and professional events.

This present day, Cryptonites host Alex Fazel caught up with Wendy to chat about her story, her long-term behold on the dwelling, Bitcoin, and what 2021 holds, in her realizing, for NFTs and diversified emerging crypto subsectors.

Wendy in conversation. Portray: CryptoNites

Right here’s what they mentioned.

Procuring and selling Bitcoin with CryptoWendy

In phrases of buying and selling calls, Wendy is upfront about no one being 100% correct in their market prediction, “No algorithm is 100% correct? No indicators 100% correct like we no one can predict what’s going to happen in the long hasten. Of us argue that and inform that, , I’ve had very incredible ultimate calls, nonetheless I’m no longer correct your complete time.”

She added that Bitcoin is a free market on the top of the day: One that’s all about making “your hang choices, owning as a lot as it, and being liable for your actions and ought to you’re copying any individual else.” 

“Having self belief is the toughest thing to form for lots of us nonetheless you might perchance well honest maintain got to be aware of in yourself,” she mentioned on buying and selling Bitcoin and staying in a switch.

Wendy also keeps it rather easy with the real buying and selling course of itself. This formulation there are no admire, niche indicators on her charts, and there are the well-known animated averages (which resolve market vogue) as a replacement. I in actual fact bag pleasure from utilizing the EMA 9, 21, 50, 100. “It upright works in actual fact successfully with all cash, except for after we’re going parabolic because ought to you’re going parabolic, you have not any realizing what’s gonna happen next,” she mentioned in the regard.

Her Bitcoin charts are no more complex, even if she does form expend of a obvious “paid” indicator, “It’s in actual fact upright a entire lot of support and resistance. If money is leaving, you perchance are searching to originate a short because that plot the price goes to spin down because there’s no water that’s going into the pond.”

Market diagnosis and animated her daughter’s saving to Bitcoin

Alongside technical diagnosis, Wendy added that she analyses the market with a day-to-day plot as a replacement of sitting on a single plot. “On fable of issues are issues transfer so rapid in crypto and they switch so it roughly in actual fact relies what I’m searching at and that those are about a of the ways that I expend,” she explained.

She’s also placing her sats where her mouth is…and even her daughter’s. Within the podcast, Wendy shared that she had invested your complete money in her daughter’s savings fable into Bitcoin (on her behalf)—a space that looks to be to maintain worked out successfully.

“I went forward and bought her a Bitcoin and she’s bought no fiat savings. She has 100% Bitcoin savings and her investment is up like four times no formulation that’s so cool,” she mentioned.

On Polkadot

Aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum, Wendy’s a colossal fan of Polkadot. The excessive-speed, scalable mission is the arena’s fourth-greatest blockchain mission by market cap and is heading in the correct direction to alter into one of essentially the most-prone blockchains in history.

“I’m dollar label averaging on Polkadot a week. I’ve bought a real secure and I upright address buying more because I in actual fact specialise in in the interoperability of the mission,” shared Wendy about her thesis on DOT.

That’s no longer all, she’s also actively spending her time researching recent NFT initiatives and the a entire lot of usecases that they’ll supply for users. “I support all ingenious functions. I support entrepreneurs. But my mind goes a bit bit deeper,” she mentioned, adding:

“When I’m pondering NFT’s, I’m pondering placing healthcare info on the blockchain, real estate info, that form of stuff.”

(What else does Wendy stare for Polkadot and NFTs in 2021? What are some more of her tricks on Bitcoin buying and selling? Look for the entire 39-minute Cryptonites episode correct below!)

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